Toronto school locked down for second straight day | CTV News Toronto at Six for Jan. 22, 2024

In Toronto, Northview Heights Secondary School experienced a lockdown for the second consecutive day, causing considerable concern among students and staff. CTV’s Mike Walker reported on the situation live from the school.

Incident Overview:

  • Second Day of Lockdown: The high school in North York was locked down again, following a similar situation the previous day.
  • Reports of Armed Individuals: The lockdown was initiated after reports of a group of males, one possibly armed with a machete, near the school.

Police Response and Investigation:

  • Immediate Police Action: Toronto Police responded promptly to the call, which was received around 11:30 AM. They placed the high school in lockdown and then switched to a hold and secure status as they investigated the situation.
  • No Injuries Reported: Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in this incident.

Impact on Students and Staff:

  • Stress and Disruption: The back-to-back lockdowns have caused significant stress and disruption, especially as students are in the midst of exams.
  • Concerns About Safety: Students expressed shock and concern, with the repeated incidents raising questions about safety and causing heightened alertness.

Broader Context and Ongoing Concerns

Previous Incident:

  • Prior Lockdown: The previous day’s lockdown was related to a teenager found in the area with serious injuries, reportedly attacked by an individual wielding a machete.
  • Search for Suspect: The suspect in the previous incident is still at large, adding to the concerns of students and the community.

Community Reaction:

  • Parents and Residents on Edge: The incidents have left parents and nearby residents feeling uneasy and worried about the safety of the area.
  • Call for Information: Police continue their investigation and appeal to the public for any information related to these incidents.

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The consecutive lockdowns at Northview Heights Secondary School highlight ongoing safety concerns in the area. While no injuries were reported in the latest incident, the recurrence of such situations within a short span is distressing for students, staff, and the community. Toronto Police are actively investigating and seeking assistance from the public to ensure the safety of students and residents in the area.

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