Scott Peterson’s former defense attorney talks Innocence Project

The case of Scott Peterson, who was convicted 20 years ago for the murder of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, has recently taken a new turn. The Los Angeles Innocence Project has become involved in his case, bringing hope to Peterson and his supporters after multiple failed appeals.

A High-Profile Case Revisited

Scott Peterson’s trial in 2004 was one of the most closely watched trials in the United States. Accused of killing his wife, Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant at the time of her disappearance, he retained high-profile attorney Mark Geragos to defend him. The trial gripped the nation’s attention, and Peterson became one of the most reviled figures in America.

Mark Geragos, who represented Peterson during the trial, recently spoke out, asserting that there should never have been a conviction in the first place. He maintained that the case was left unsolved, raising questions about who was responsible for the abduction and murder of Laci and her unborn son, Connor.

The Los Angeles Innocence Project has taken up Scott Peterson’s case, citing new evidence that supports his claims of innocence. Their mission is to exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals, and they believe that Peterson’s case deserves a fresh examination.

Among the motions filed by the Innocence Project in San Mateo County Superior Court is a request for DNA testing. The extensive documentation submitted includes updated witness statements and focuses on three key aspects: a burned-out van near the Peterson house around the time of Laci’s disappearance, a burglary at a neighboring home, and evidence found on the shore of San Francisco Bay.

Legal analysts, not directly involved in the case, have weighed in on the significance of this development. If the new evidence stands up to scrutiny, it could potentially be a game-changer for Scott Peterson, who has spent years behind bars maintaining his innocence.

The Uphill Battle for Exoneration

While the involvement of the Innocence Project brings renewed hope, the path to exoneration is not without challenges. Exoneration is akin to climbing Mount Everest in Birkenstocks, as one legal analyst aptly put it. It is a daunting endeavor that requires a thorough reevaluation of the case and a convincing presentation of new evidence.

Mark Geragos, while no longer representing Peterson, has expressed his confidence in the Innocence Project’s involvement. He emphasized that during the trial, he saw nothing beyond what he called the “character assassination module” of the case. This suggests that he believes the evidence presented during the trial did not conclusively prove Scott Peterson’s guilt.

Scott Peterson’s Current Status

Scott Peterson, who was initially sentenced to death and later resentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, remains incarcerated. Throughout his time behind bars, he has consistently maintained his innocence, and his case has garnered support from various individuals and organizations.

Peterson’s current attorney released a statement expressing enthusiasm about the involvement of the Los Angeles Innocence Project. While the next steps in the legal process are awaited, it is important to note that a judge had previously rejected Peterson’s request for a new trial in 2002, claiming a lack of merit.

Conclusion: A Quest for Justice

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The involvement of the Los Angeles Innocence Project in Scott Peterson’s case signifies a renewed pursuit of justice. The new evidence and witness statements they have presented raise important questions about the conviction and whether Scott Peterson was wrongfully found guilty. As the legal proceedings unfold, the nation watches closely, hoping for a just resolution that may finally bring closure to a case that has captivated the public’s attention for two decades.

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