Georgia family’s remains transported to India after deadly Johnson County crash

A devastating car crash in Johnson County, North Texas, has resulted in the tragic loss of six members of an Indo-American family. The incident, which involved a head-on collision on Highway 67, is currently under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). The family’s remains have been transported back to their native India with the help of an Indo-American organization.

The Fatal Crash

According to the DPS, the collision occurred when a Chevrolet Silverado, driven by 17-year-old Luke Rasker and with 17-year-old Preston Glass as a passenger, veered into oncoming traffic in a no-passing zone and collided head-on with a Honda Odyssey. The speed limit on the highway is 70 mph, but it is unclear how fast the Silverado was traveling at the time of the accident. The crash resulted in the death of six of the seven passengers in the Odyssey.

Lokesh Baitullah, the sole survivor from the Odyssey, is currently in the hospital with critical injuries. Unaware of the loss of his family, Baitullah is fighting for his life. His family, including his wife Navina, their ten-year-old son Karthik, nine-year-old daughter Nishida Pata, and Baitullah’s in-laws, Nageswara Ponnada and Sita Mala Hashimi Ponnada, perished in the accident. Racheal Bari, Baitullah’s cousin who was driving the Odyssey, also died in the crash.

The family had recently relocated from Plano to Georgia and were visiting North Texas during the holiday break. Racheal Bari, an integral part of the family, had moved from India to the United States for graduate school and was living and working in Irving. His mother in India is reportedly in shock, having not seen her son for four years.

The Telugu Association of North America facilitated the transportation of the family’s remains to India. The community is deeply affected by this tragedy, and there is a collective effort to support Baitullah in his recovery, both physically and emotionally. Baitullah’s sisters in India are in contact with the organization, and one plans to come to the U.S. to assist in his recuperation.

The investigation by Texas DPS into the crash is ongoing. It is still unclear whether charges will be brought against the teenagers involved in the crash. Both 17-year-olds are reportedly in critical condition in the hospital.

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This heartbreaking incident has not only shattered a family but has also resonated deeply within the Indo-American community and beyond. As investigations continue, the focus remains on supporting the lone survivor, Lokesh Baitullah, through his recovery journey while remembering the lives of those lost in this tragic accident.

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