Tri-State New York, New Jersey, And Connecticut Area’s Winter Wonderland: A Tale of Diverse Snow Totals

The recent winter storm that swept through the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut brought with it a tapestry of snowfall, ranging from record accumulations in some areas to a continuing snow drought in others. The varied snow totals have painted a diverse winter landscape across the region.

Record Snowfall in Select Areas

By midday Sunday, several areas emerged as leaders in snow accumulation. Plattekill in Ulster County, New York, topped the list with a significant 14.6 inches of snow. Port Jervis in Orange County, New York, and Wantage in Sussex County, New Jersey, followed closely with 13.1 and 13.0 inches, respectively. Unionville, also in Orange County, New York, and Blairstown in Warren County, New Jersey, rounded out the top five with 12.4 and 10.5 inches.

Moderate Snowfall Across the Region

In other parts of the Tri-State Area, the snow totals were moderate but still impactful. Cold Spring in Putnam County, New York, received a notable 6.5 inches, while Franklin Lakes in Bergen County, New Jersey, saw 5.7 inches. Greenwich, Connecticut, experienced a moderate 4.5 inches of snow. Stony Point in Rockland County, New York, also saw a substantial accumulation of 4 inches.

New York City’s Continued Snow Drought

In stark contrast, New York City continued to experience a remarkable snow drought. The city, known for its bustling streets and iconic skyline, recorded less than an inch of snowfall. Notable areas with low snow accumulations included Newark, New Jersey, with 0.4 inches; LaGuardia Airport, with 0.3 inches; Central Park, with a mere 0.2 inches; JFK Airport, with only 0.1 inches; and Islip, New York, which recorded just a trace of snow.

Setting a New Record in Central Park

Central Park, an urban oasis in the heart of New York City, set a new record with an impressive 693 days without a single inch of snowfall. The last time the park experienced such a snowy day was on February 13, 2022, marking a significant departure from its usual winter climate.

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The diverse snowfall totals across the Tri-State Area highlight the unpredictable nature of winter storms. While some regions grappled with significant snow accumulations, others, like New York City, continued to experience an unusual lack of snowfall. These varying conditions reflect the complexity of weather patterns in the Northeastern United States, offering a winter season full of contrasts and surprises. As residents navigate these different winter landscapes, the storm serves as a reminder of the region’s unique and ever-changing climate.

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