FDNY Probes New Year’s Eve Fire Origins in East New York, Brooklyn

The New Year brought an unfortunate event to East New York as a massive fire on Schenck Avenue displaced numerous individuals, prompting the FDNY to launch an investigation to determine the cause. The Boulevard Houses, managed by Boulevard Together, faced significant damage, with 13 apartments affected by the flames.

According to the FDNY, the fire originated from construction material in the courtyard, quickly escalating and impacting multiple apartments. Residents in the vicinity reported hearing fireworks near the courtyard before the fire erupted, raising concerns about a potential connection.

On Tuesday morning, the FDNY returned to the scene for further investigation, accompanied by representatives from Boulevard Together to assess the extent of the damage. Emergency crews, after extinguishing the flames, discovered an empty canister near the building, adding a layer of intrigue to the ongoing investigation.

The aftermath of the fire has left the affected community in shock, with onlookers expressing concern over the significant damage to the building and the displacement of residents. The unfortunate timing, just before New Year’s and after Christmas, has compounded the impact on tenants and nearby residents.

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While the investigation is underway, residents anxiously await official confirmation regarding the potential role of fireworks in the incident. The FDNY has not disclosed the official cause of the fire, keeping the community in suspense as they seek answers to the New Year’s Eve blaze in East New York.

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