El Mirage mass murders arrests and motive, Porter Ranch middle school debate | The Rundown 1/29

In this edition of “The Rundown,” we highlight the top news stories from CBS News Los Angeles on January 29th, covering significant events and developments in the region.

In a shocking revelation, CBS News Los Angeles reports that five men have been arrested in connection with a series of six murders in the Mojave Desert. Officials reveal that the murders were linked to an illicit marijuana grow operation. The suspects, all in their 20s, are believed to be responsible for the deaths of the victims, whose bodies were discovered near El Mirage, north of Adelanto. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department tracked one of the victim’s phones to locate them after receiving a 911 call. Tragically, four of the victims had been burned. Authorities blame Prop 64, which reduced many felony marijuana citations to misdemeanors, for contributing to illicit marijuana activity and the resulting violence in California.

Malibu Takes Action to Enhance PCH Safety

Malibu is taking steps to enhance safety along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) following the tragic deaths of four Pepperdine students in a collision with a speeding driver. The city is bringing back California Highway Patrol (CHP) patrols under a two-year contract that will not exceed $2 million. This initiative aims to send a clear message that dangerous driving on PCH will not be tolerated.

Porter Ranch Middle School Debate

In Porter Ranch, a town meeting is being held to address the overcrowding issue at Porter Ranch Community School. The Los Angeles Unified School District is discussing the challenges related to school capacity. One option being considered is closing the middle school and relocating students to the high school. Concerned parents are gathering to voice their objections to this proposal, emphasizing that they find it unacceptable.

Weather Forecast: Storms on the Horizon

As the region enjoys a few days of warm temperatures, CBS News Los Angeles provides a weather update. A trough of low pressure located west of Seattle is expected to bring changes to Southern California. After a dry Tuesday and Wednesday, a cold front is set to arrive on Thursday, bringing rain, wind, and snow, along with cooler temperatures. The weekend may also see another storm, making for an active start to February. The article advises residents to stay informed and prepare for rainy days ahead.

Endeavor’s Final Mission

CBS News Los Angeles covers the final mission of the Endeavor space shuttle. The shuttle is set to be hoisted upright next to a large fuel tank and rocket boosters at the California Science Center. A massive crane, towering approximately 450 feet, will be used to lift the Endeavor into its blast-off position. If all goes as planned, the Endeavor will become the first space shuttle in the world to be displayed in this position.

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This edition of “The Rundown” provides an overview of significant news stories and events in the Los Angeles area, ranging from criminal arrests and school debates to weather forecasts and space shuttle missions. Stay tuned to CBS News Los Angeles for the latest updates and developments in the region.

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