Crowd HEADS FOR EXITS as Trump struggles to speak

Donald Trump’s recent rally in New Hampshire has raised concerns and garnered attention due to his declining performance, confused moments, and a disturbing incident involving a heckler. Here’s an analysis of the key aspects of the rally:

1. Declining Performance: Donald Trump’s rally in New Hampshire appeared to be marked by a series of mistakes and confusing statements. He struggled to articulate words correctly, such as “dignitary” becoming “dignity” and “climate” being mispronounced. These instances highlighted concerns about his cognitive abilities and public speaking skills.

2. Confused Moments: During the rally, Trump’s confusion was evident when he struggled to say the word “climate.” His perplexed expression and the apparent confusion among those on stage added to the overall sense of disarray. This moment raised questions about his ability to communicate effectively and coherently.

3. Empty Seats and People Leaving: The rally witnessed a significant number of empty seats, and some attendees were observed leaving while Trump was speaking. This departure of attendees during the speech indicated a lack of enthusiasm or engagement with his message. It is uncommon for a former president to experience such disinterest during public appearances.

4. Music Incongruence: Trump’s use of sad, apocalyptic music in the background while acknowledging the stock market’s success created an incongruence between his message and the accompanying music. While he mentioned the stock market’s record highs, the dramatic music seemed out of place, potentially reflecting a disconnect between Trump’s rhetoric and the reality of economic indicators.

5. Disturbing Incident: During the rally, a protestor or heckler in the crowd prompted Trump to call for their removal. However, the incident took a troubling turn when the person was subjected to physical assault by Trump supporters. The incident demonstrated a concerning level of hostility within the crowd.

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In conclusion, Donald Trump’s rally in New Hampshire raised questions about his communication abilities, the level of support among attendees, and the atmosphere at his events. The combination of confused moments, empty seats, and the disturbing incident added to the spectacle of the rally, generating concerns about the state of his political influence and public appearances.

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