Judge expresses disgust with case against Las Vegas woman accused of posing as attorney

A woman accused of posing as attorneys and even judges in Las Vegas has made her appearance in court, leaving the legal community shocked and disgusted. Senia Paulson, also known as Sena Deloso, is facing allegations of impersonation and fraudulent activities within the legal profession. This report covers the details of her case, including interviews with one of her alleged victims and the judge’s reaction during her court appearance.

The Allegations

Senia Paulson is accused of impersonating a Las Vegas attorney named Ailia Marcarian, who practices in various areas, including family law. One of the alleged victims, Marcarian, revealed that Paulson used her identity for a divorce case and fabricated fake divorce documents for a client who was preparing to remarry. The marriage would have been invalid, as the client was still legally married to his ex-wife. Paulson is further accused of collecting retainers through payment platforms like Venmo and Zelle, forging signatures of judges, notarizing documents without being a licensed notary, and creating fraudulent paperwork for various legal matters, including an adoption case.

Criminal Activities and Arrest

In addition to the impersonation and fraudulent legal activities, Paulson allegedly stole money from an employer and took a substantial loan of nearly $16,000 from a coworker without any intention of repayment. Despite working in Las Vegas law offices for several years, she was never a licensed attorney. Following a six-month investigation, Paulson was arrested on Tuesday, and she appeared in court the next morning.

Judge’s Disgust

During the court appearance, Judge Amy Chelini recused herself from the case, expressing her deep disgust for the allegations against Paulson. She mentioned that while many cases may be offensive, this one was particularly disturbing because Paulson referenced the late Judge Melanie Tobias, who had been a colleague of Judge Chelini. Paulson had used Judge Tobias’s death as an excuse for a continuance in the case, which was seen as an attempt to commit fraud. Consequently, Judge Chelini decided to recuse herself from the case.

Charges and Future Court Appearance

Senia Paulson is currently facing 17 charges related to her alleged criminal activities. She is scheduled to appear in court again on Thursday morning to address these charges. The legal community and her alleged victims express relief that she remains in jail while awaiting further legal proceedings.

Additional Victims

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Metro Police suspect that there may be more victims who have not yet come forward. Anyone with information related to this case is encouraged to contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 702-385-5555.


The case of Senia Paulson, accused of impersonating attorneys and judges in Las Vegas, has sent shockwaves through the legal community. Her alleged fraudulent activities, including impersonation and theft, have left victims in their wake. As the legal process unfolds, authorities are urging potential additional victims to come forward and share information related to the case.

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