Wordle #940 Hints and Solution for January 15

Today’s Wordle #940 might have posed a challenge for many, but as always, we’re here with hints and the solution to help out.
If you’ve been trying to crack the puzzle for January 15 and need a little nudge in the right direction, read on!

Wordle, the popular word-guessing game created by Josh Wardle and later acquired by the New York Times, continues to engage players daily with its simple yet captivating puzzles. Despite its seeming increase in difficulty, the game maintains its original challenge level, with a Hard Mode available for those seeking an extra challenge.

Today’s Wordle answer revolves around a common theme: “Food during a break.”
This might be a subtle hint, but it’s a significant pointer toward the solution. Another clue to help you is the starting letter of today’s word, which is ‘L’.

Also, it’s worth noting that the word does not contain any repeating letters.

If you’re ready for the solution,
here it is: The answer to Wordle #940 is


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It’s a word we’re all familiar with, usually signifying a much-needed break in the middle of our day. If you didn’t manage to guess it this time, don’t worry – there’s a new challenge waiting for you tomorrow, and we’ll be here again to provide helpful hints!

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