Unveiling the Challenges: Chandler, Arizona’s High-Risk Neighborhoods

Chandler, Arizona, known for its thriving economy and cultural diversity, also faces its share of challenges, particularly in crime and safety. Despite having a crime rate lower than the national average but higher than the state’s, certain neighborhoods in Chandler stand out for their higher crime rates.

Let’s delve into the five neighborhoods with the most significant safety concerns:

  • New Horizons: Established in 2019 near W Warner Rd and N 99th Ave, this community offers various housing options. However, it struggles with safety issues despite its average home value of $325,506.
  • Woodglen: Located near W Elliot Rd and N Apollo Dr, Woodglen’s diverse community, with an average home value of $355,405, faces higher crime rates, affecting its livability.
  • Hoy Homes: Constructed between 1970 and 1999 near W Gary Dr and N Hackberry Dr, Hoy Homes is predominantly composed of single-family homes. The neighborhood’s rental costs and home value of $325,506 are overshadowed by its safety concerns.
  • Silk Stocking: An older neighborhood near W Warner Rd and N 99th Ave, Silk Stocking, mainly houses single mothers and has an average home value of $325,506. Safety issues are a significant concern here.
  • Trails End Estates: Built between 1940 and 1969 near W Elliot Rd and N Apache Trail, this neighborhood is primarily single-family homes. Despite an average home value of $325,506, its safety concerns cannot be overlooked.
Unveiling the Challenges: Chandler, Arizona's High-Risk Neighborhoods

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In summary, Chandler’s reputation for quality of life is challenged by these neighborhoods, where lower home values, lower incomes, and higher crime rates are prevalent.

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