Tragic Work Accident in Jacksonville and Multiple Bodies Discovered in Florida Pond

Two separate incidents in Florida have drawn significant attention due to their tragic and unusual nature. In Jacksonville, a man lost his life in a work-related accident, while in another part of the state, divers uncovered multiple bodies inside a submerged car in a pond, raising questions and prompting investigations.

Fatal Work Accident at Jacksonville’s Lineage Logistics

In the Lackawanna area of Jacksonville, a man believed to be in his 30s or 40s, tragically passed away following an accident at Lineage Logistics on Dignan Street. The incident, which occurred just before 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, involved the man getting trapped under the bed of a semi-trailer. Sgt. Steve Rudlaff from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office stated that the victim, working as a truck driver for Abaco Freight, was performing repairs alone beneath the semi on the air slide when the truck bed suddenly dropped, pinning him underneath.

The semi-trailer, fully loaded, was leaving the property when the man stopped to make repairs. A witness later discovered him trapped under the trailer. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is conducting a joint investigation with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, seeking surveillance footage and witnesses to understand the accident’s circumstances better.

Discovery of Bodies in a Submerged Car

In a separate incident, divers in Florida uncovered a car submerged in a pond, containing multiple bodies. The vehicle, last registered in 2005, was retrieved with the assistance of the Sunrise police and Sunshine State Sonar, a group known for aiding in locating missing persons. The identities of the bodies are currently undergoing testing for identification, with no additional information available at this time.

Among Sunshine State Sonar’s recent efforts was the discovery of Sandra Lemire, a missing Orlando mother, in her submerged vehicle near Disney World. Lemire had been missing for nearly 12 years and was last seen driving her grandmother’s minivan after leaving a restaurant in Kissimmee. After receiving new information from the police, the recovery group searched a total of 63 bodies of water, eventually locating Lemire’s vehicle in a small, 14-foot-deep pond.

The Orlando medical examiner’s office is in the process of confirming the remains, and the Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the accident. Timothy Lemire, the son of Sandra Lemire, expressed his gratitude to Sunshine State Sonar for their role in resolving the case.
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These two incidents in Florida – the tragic work accident in Jacksonville and the discovery of multiple bodies in a submerged car – highlight the diverse and sometimes tragic nature of emergencies and investigations. The ongoing inquiries into both situations underscore the importance of workplace safety and the relentless efforts of search and rescue teams in solving missing persons cases. These events have deeply impacted the communities involved, leaving many questions in their wake as investigations continue.

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