Tennessee Treasure Hunt: Decoding the $1,200 ‘Cash Only’ Facebook Deal for 40-Year-Old Cherubim Statues”

In the vibrant online marketplace of Tennessee, a curious listing on Facebook has caught the attention of local bargain hunters and statue enthusiasts alike. An account named “HelenandDan Haseltine,” active in the “Nashville and surrounding areas buy, sell, and trade” group, has stirred interest with its unique offering: a set of four 40-year-old concrete cherubim-like statues, priced at $1,200 for the quartet.

The Concrete Cherubs of Lewisburg
Located approximately 58 miles from Nashville in Lewisburg, TN, these statues stand 3 feet tall, each with a 16-inch base. Their significant weight and size imply a certain logistical challenge for potential buyers, as the sellers have explicitly stated a ‘no help’ policy for loading and a ‘cash only’ transaction. The insistence on keeping the statues together adds a sentimental touch to the deal, suggesting that these aren’t just mere decorative pieces but bear a story, perhaps a cherished memory for the Haseltines.

Comparing Market Prices
A quick comparison with online retail giant Wayfair.com reveals that a single 3-foot angel or fairy statue costs about $454.86. This benchmark price makes the Haseltines’ offer of four statues for $1,200 seem like a reasonable deal, assuming the cherubs’ condition and artistic value align with market expectations.

Beyond the Cherubim: A Diverse Portfolio
HelenandDan Haseltine’s Facebook account reveals a treasure trove of vintage items. From “Vintage 1985 Cabbage Patch Kids Twins” to a “Vintage Room Divider,” each priced at $300, their collection appeals to a wide range of tastes and interests. The account’s consistent ‘cash only’ stipulation across all listings, including the sale of a 2012 Moto Electric 15-passenger vehicle (EZ-GO, Golf Cart, Shuttle) for $8,500, hints at a preference for straightforward, traditional transactions.

Seller Reputation: A Key Consideration
With only 12 friends on Facebook but a solid track record of three five-star seller reviews, the Haseltines seem to have established a small yet positive footprint in the online marketplace. These reviews, focusing on punctuality, pricing, and communication, were all posted within a span of twelve days, suggesting a recent and active engagement in online selling.

Engaging the Reader: A Call for Insights
This intriguing listing opens up several questions for the readers. Have you ever ventured into the realm of Facebook Marketplace or local buy-and-sell groups for such unique finds? What are your experiences with online transactions on social media platforms? Do you perceive a risk of scams in these marketplaces, or do you find them reliable for sourcing interesting items like these cherubim statues?

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The digital marketplace, especially within social networks, is a domain of diverse offerings, ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. HelenandDan Haseltine’s listing of these cherubic statues, along with their eclectic mix of vintage items, presents an interesting case study in the dynamics of online sales, the value of vintage collectibles, and the evolving landscape of social media commerce. As we navigate through these digital bazaars, we uncover stories, deals, and sometimes, questions about the very nature of buying and selling in the age of social media.

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