Surfside Crossing Development Hits Roadblock: Town of Nantucket Revokes Building Permits

In a decisive move, the town of Nantucket has revoked the building permits previously issued for the Surfside Crossing development project. This action comes on the heels of a Nantucket Superior Court ruling, which overturned the state’s approval of the controversial project, marking a significant setback for the developers.

The Court’s Ruling and Its Aftermath

The reversal of the state’s approval by Judge Mark Gildea was a turning point in the long-standing debate surrounding the Surfside Crossing development. The judge’s decision effectively put the project at odds with the Town of Nantucket’s Zoning Code, prompting swift action from local authorities.

Town’s Response to the Ruling

Following a meeting between Jamie Feeley, a developer of Surfside Crossing, and the town’s Planning & Land Use Services staff, Building Commissioner Paul Murphy issued a formal letter revoking the project’s permits. This letter, hand-delivered to Feeley, cited the court’s ruling and stated that the project site was now in violation of local zoning regulations. Murphy’s directive was clear: all work related to the previously approved decisions must cease immediately.

Developers’ Reaction and Future Plans

In the wake of these developments, Surfside Crossing co-developer Josh Posner indicated that he and Feeley are in the process of evaluating their options, including the possibility of appealing Judge Gildea’s ruling. This statement suggests that the developers might not be ready to abandon the project, despite the recent legal and administrative hurdles.

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The revocation of the Surfside Crossing building permits represents a critical juncture in a contentious chapter of Nantucket’s development history. The town’s decisive response reflects its commitment to upholding local zoning laws and court decisions. However, with the developers contemplating an appeal, the future of the Surfside Crossing project remains uncertain. This situation underscores the complex interplay between development ambitions, legal frameworks, and community interests, a dynamic that continues to shape the landscape of Nantucket.

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