St. Louis Man Sentenced to 20 Years for Massive Meth Bust

In a stark legal development, 56-year-old Cregg L. Matthews from St. Louis, Missouri, has been handed a formidable sentence of 20 years in federal prison without parole. This severe judgment comes in the wake of a disturbing discovery—law enforcement officers unearthed over 31 pounds of methamphetamine concealed in Matthews’s luggage at a Kansas City, Mo., bus station.

U.S. Chief District Judge Beth Phillips, deeming Matthews a career offender due to his prior felony convictions, pronounced the stringent sentence. The intricate operation leading to Matthews’s apprehension involved the use of a service canine by law enforcement officers, adding a layer of detail to the investigation. The police service canine’s keen senses honed in on a suitcase bearing Matthews’s name and a black bag he carried. Upon inspection, the black bag yielded 10 pounds of methamphetamine distributed in 10 bundles, while the suitcase held an additional 21.6 pounds across 16 bundles.

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This case gains prominence not only due to the substantial quantity of methamphetamine involved but also due to Matthews’s extensive criminal history. Having been discharged from parole a mere year before this offense, following a 10-year sentence for possessing cocaine with intent to distribute, Matthews’s rap sheet includes three drug-trafficking convictions and a prior felony for statutory rape. The saga doesn’t end there—there’s a troubling incident of Matthews being involved in a jail fight during pretrial custody for this particular case.

The legal proceedings were orchestrated by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Sean T. Foley and John Constance, with collaboration from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, MoWIN (Missouri Western Interdiction and Narcotics Task Force), and the Drug Enforcement Administration, underscoring the concerted effort in bringing a career criminal to justice.

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