Sandwich Shop Expands Its Flavorful Footprint in Florida

Florida’s culinary scene is gearing up for a delectable addition as Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, renowned for claiming the title of “the greatest sandwich in America,” embarks on a journey to bring its celebrated subs to more Floridians.

The Rise of Capriotti’s

Trace the roots back to the mid-1970s, and you’ll find Capriotti’s, a sandwich haven founded by two visionary sisters. The brand has skillfully carved its niche in the competitive sandwich market, winning hearts with its unwavering commitment to fresh rolls, top-tier meats, and cheeses. The menu, boasting a delightful array including cheesesteaks, Wagyu beef sandwiches, and classic subs, has cultivated a dedicated and appreciative customer base.

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The Greatest Sandwich In America

At the heart of Capriotti’s acclaim is “the Bobbie” sandwich, hailed as “the greatest sandwich in America.” This culinary masterpiece has played a pivotal role in elevating the brand to its esteemed status, securing votes from thousands of readers and becoming synonymous with Capriotti’s success.

Expanding Footprint in Florida

Already having left its flavorful mark in cities like Tampa, Lutz, Odessa, Miami, and Jacksonville, Capriotti’s is now set on expanding its presence in the Sunshine State. The recent opening in Bradenton is just the beginning, with plans for additional locations in Jacksonville underway. This expansion strategy aims to bring the beloved subs to an even broader audience across Florida.

Pricing Strategy

In a market where pricing plays a crucial role, Capriotti’s sandwiches maintain a competitive edge. Offering medium-sized subs at $12.49 and larger variants at $21.99, the brand ensures accessibility without compromising on quality. This strategic pricing makes Capriotti’s an appealing option for a diverse range of customers.

Capriotti’s expansion in Florida marks a significant milestone in the brand’s growth trajectory. By seamlessly blending quality ingredients with a revered recipe, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop is poised to emerge as a major player in Florida’s sandwich market. With the aroma of freshly made subs wafting across the Sunshine State, Capriotti’s is set to satisfy the cravings of sandwich enthusiasts far and wide.

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