Naked man beat Fort Worth delivery driver to death with firewood, court docs say

In a shocking and tragic incident, a naked man beat a delivery driver to death with firewood in front of a home in Fort Worth, Texas. The victim, identified as 51-year-old Scott Jackson, was delivering firewood when the brutal attack occurred. The suspect, 27-year-old Chrysanthus Omondi, has been arrested and charged with murder. This harrowing incident has left the victim’s family devastated, and the community in shock.

The Terrifying Ambush

Scott Jackson was in the midst of a routine delivery of firewood to a home near Alta Mesa Boulevard and McCarty Avenue in Fort Worth on a Saturday evening at 8 p.m. The homeowner, who was helping Jackson unload the firewood, recounted the terrifying ambush that unfolded. According to the homeowner, Omondi approached them aggressively, completely naked, and confronted them as they were unloading the firewood from a U-Haul.

The homeowner expressed that he believed Omondi was out to murder both of them. Omondi held a key close to the homeowner’s face, yelled at him, and claimed the property as his own. Scott Jackson, who was just doing his job, intervened and stated that it was not Omondi’s property and requested to continue unloading the firewood. However, Omondi escalated the situation by pushing the homeowner and subsequently striking Jackson with a piece of wood.

The Brutal Attack

After assaulting the homeowner, Omondi chased him back into his house and then turned his aggression towards Scott Jackson. Omondi beat Jackson to death with the firewood, resulting in a horrifying and tragic outcome. The victim’s daughter, Casey De Leon, expressed her grief and anger, recalling the moments when her father used to spoil her and her children.

Naked man beat Fort Worth delivery driver to death with firewood, court docs say

Omondi’s Arrest and Allegations of Substance Abuse

Following the brutal attack, Chrysanthus Omondi barricaded himself inside an Airbnb across the street from the crime scene. Fort Worth police arrived at the scene and heard screaming from inside the Airbnb. They discovered that another woman was staying in a different room at the Airbnb, and she reported that Omondi had attempted to force his way into her room. She also stated that Omondi appeared to be high on an unknown substance and had put her life in danger.

Omondi eventually came outside but did not comply with the officers’ orders. He was tased and subsequently taken into custody.

Grief and Hope for Justice

The tragic incident has left the victim’s family and the community in mourning. Casey De Leon, Scott Jackson’s daughter, expressed her grief and anger towards Omondi, stating that she would never be able to call her father again. She hopes that justice will be served for her father.


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This disturbing incident of a naked man beating a delivery driver to death with firewood has sent shockwaves through the Fort Worth community. Chrysanthus Omondi has been arrested and is facing charges of murder. The victim’s family and neighbors are grappling with the tragic loss of Scott Jackson, who was just doing his job when this horrifying attack occurred. The investigation into the incident continues as the community seeks justice for the victim.

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