Mom of escaped teen prisoner pleads for her son to surrender: “Turn yourself in”

In a dramatic turn of events in Philadelphia, a manhunt continues for Shane Pryor, a 17-year-old accused of murder, who recently escaped custody. The situation has reached a critical point, with the teenager’s mother making a heartfelt plea for her son to surrender to authorities.

Escaped Teen Murder Suspect’s Mother Urges His Surrender

Shane Pryor, initially charged with murder in 2020 at the age of 14, managed to escape from police custody around noon in the parking lot of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He was being treated for a hand injury when he fled. U.S. Marshals are now actively searching for Pryor and believe he may be driving a stolen blue Ford F-150 with Pennsylvania plate XTZ 0503.

Pryor’s escape has been particularly alarming for law enforcement and the community, given the serious nature of the charges against him. He and another juvenile were accused of fatally shooting a 54-year-old woman in Northeast Philadelphia back in October 2020. As he approaches his 18th birthday, concerns have been raised about his transfer to an adult prison, which his mother believes may have contributed to his decision to escape.

Speaking to the media, Shane’s mother, who has chosen to remain anonymous, expressed her deep distress over the situation. She maintains her son’s innocence and describes the last three and a half years as an “absolute nightmare.” Her plea to Shane, if he sees the coverage, is to turn himself in and not worsen his situation. She fears for his safety, given his impending transfer to an adult facility where he would be housed with individuals convicted of serious crimes.

The legal team representing Shane has also spoken out, describing him as a mild-mannered kid who has always maintained his innocence. His court-appointed lawyer emphasized that Shane is more scared than dangerous, a sentiment echoed by his mother. She recounted their last conversation, noting a sense of hopelessness in his voice and his reluctance to receive visitors, including her, as he felt “there’s no point.”

Shane’s mother argues that her son was never in trouble before the 2020 incident and that he got involved with the wrong crowd. She insists that it was the other teenager involved in the case who was the actual trigger-puller.

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As the search continues, the Philadelphia Police Department urges anyone who spots Shane Pryor or has information about his whereabouts to contact 911 immediately. The case has garnered significant attention, with updates being posted regularly. The community, law enforcement, and Shane’s family all hope for a resolution that brings Shane back into custody safely and addresses the complex issues surrounding his case and escape.

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