King Tides Bring Unique Phenomena to the Seattle Area: What You Need to Know

Seattle residents and visitors are in for a unique spectacle this weekend as the first King Tide of the year is set to grace the Puget Sound and surrounding oceanic bodies of water. King Tides are a natural occurrence resulting from the alignment of the sun, moon, and Earth, creating the highest tides possible. While they do not always lead to significant damage, it is crucial to be prepared for any potential consequences. This article provides insights into the upcoming King Tides, their impact, and the measures individuals can take to stay safe and informed.

Understanding King Tides:

King Tides are a regular natural phenomenon caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon on Earth’s oceans. When the sun, moon, and Earth align in specific ways, it results in the highest tides of the year. These occurrences vary in timing depending on geographic location and can be seen at different times of the year worldwide. Just recently, Southern California experienced its own King Tides earlier this week.

Seattle’s Upcoming King Tides:

For Seattle residents, the first King Tide of the year is on the horizon. Predicted to take place from Sunday, January 14th, to Tuesday, January 16th, these King Tides are anticipated to bring swells of up to 13 feet in vertical height. While they may not always lead to extensive damage, it is advisable to be prepared for any unexpected outcomes.

Preparation and Safety Measures:

Review Your Flood Preparedness Plan:
To ensure your family’s safety during King Tides, it is crucial to have a flood preparedness plan in place. This plan should include evacuation routes, a communication strategy, and a list of essential supplies. Familiarize yourself with the plan and ensure that all family members are aware of the procedures to follow in the event of flooding.

Stay Informed with Local Alerts:

Staying informed about local conditions is paramount during events like King Tides. Sign up for local alerts and notifications to receive timely information about any potential hazards or emergencies. Simply text “SEATTLE” to 67283 to stay updated with crucial alerts.

Exercise Caution Near the Water:

If you decide to venture out to witness the King Tides, exercise caution and prioritize safety. Stay a safe distance away from the waves, as they can be unpredictable and powerful during high tides. Additionally, be vigilant for slippery surfaces, as wet and slippery areas near the water can pose a significant risk.

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The arrival of King Tides in the Seattle area offers a fascinating opportunity to witness the natural rhythms of our planet’s oceans. However, it is essential to approach this spectacle with caution and preparedness. Understanding the origins and timing of King Tides is the first step in appreciating this natural occurrence.

As the first King Tide of the year approaches, residents are encouraged to review their flood preparedness plans, sign up for local alerts, and exercise caution when observing the tides. By taking these precautionary measures, individuals can ensure their safety and make the most of this unique natural event in the Seattle area.

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