Investigating Arlington Vulnerable Neighborhoods: Crime Rates, Demographics and Safety Patterns

Arlington, Virginia, a city known for its historical landmarks, lively culture, and strong economy, also grapples with crime and violence. This article delves into the five neighborhoods in Arlington that have been identified as having higher crime rates in 2024, using the measure of violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

1. Columbia Heights West:

  • Population: 7,321.
  • Violent Crime Rate: 201 per 100,000.

Columbia Heights West, located in the south-central part of the city near the Columbia Pike corridor, is the riskiest neighborhood in Arlington. With a population of approximately 7,321 residents, it reports a violent crime rate exceeding the city’s average.

2. Arlington Forest Glen:

  • Population: 626.
  • Violent Crime Rate: 187 per 100,000.

Arlington Forest Glen, a smaller neighborhood with around 626 residents, experiences a violent crime rate of 187 per 100,000. Situated in the northwestern part of the city, it is surrounded by parks and green spaces.

3. Columbia Forest:

  • Population: 6,004.
  • Violent Crime Rate: 176 per 100,000.

Columbia Forest, located in the southern part of Arlington near the Four Mile Run stream and the W&OD Trail, is home to roughly 6,004 residents. It reports a violent crime rate of 176 per 100,000.

4. Columbia Heights:

  • Population: 6,804.
  • Violent Crime Rate: 175 per 100,000.

Columbia Heights, with a population of approximately 6,804, is situated in the central part of the city, close to the Arlington Boulevard and Glebe Road intersection. It experiences a violent crime rate of 175 per 100,000.

5. Penrose:

  • Population: 4,816.
  • Violent Crime Rate: 174 per 100,000.

Penrose, a historic district in the eastern part of Arlington near Pentagon City and Crystal City areas, is home to around 4,816 residents. It reports a violent crime rate of 174 per 100,000.

Comparative Crime Rates:
While Arlington’s crime rates are higher than national and state averages, it remains safer than many other cities in the United States. Here’s a comparative overview:

1. Overall Crime Rate: Arlington’s rate is 31.39% higher than the national average and 14.53% higher than the Texas average.

2. Violent Crime Rate: Arlington’s rate is 56.9% higher than the national average and 34.2% higher than the Texas average.

3. Property Crime Rate: Arlington’s rate is 29.2% higher than the national average and 10.2% higher than the Texas average.

4. Safety Ranking: Arlington is safer than 76% of cities in the United States, ranking in the 24th percentile for safety.

5. Comparison with Most Dangerous City: Arlington’s crime rate is 4.3 times lower than Memphis, the most dangerous city among the top 19 in the United States, which has a violent crime rate of 2,507 per 100,000 people.

While Arlington, Virginia, boasts a rich culture and history, it is not immune to crime. Specific neighborhoods in Arlington, including Columbia Heights West, Arlington Forest Glen, Columbia Forest, Columbia Heights, and Penrose, exhibit higher rates of violent crime in 2024 compared to the city’s overall average.
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However, it’s important to maintain perspective. These crime rates, while higher within Arlington, are significantly lower when compared to national and state averages. Additionally, Arlington ranks as a safer city when compared to many others across the United States. This balanced perspective encourages informed decision-making and vigilance in specific areas without undue alarm, recognizing Arlington’s overall safety compared to the broader context of crime rates nationwide.

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