Insights and Hints for Wordle #914 and Beyond

Welcome to the Wordle challenge! If you’re ready for your daily brain workout, you’re in the right place. Today’s hints and tips are geared to assist you in cracking Wordle #914.

If you’re eager to uncover today’s solution right away, feel free to skip to the bottom for the Wordle answer dated December 20. However, if you’re up for the challenge, continue reading for some valuable clues, strategies, and insights to help you conquer today’s puzzle.

Ever wondered about Wordle’s origins? Initially crafted as a heartfelt gift by engineer Josh Wardle for his partner, Wordle quickly gained global popularity, evolving into a phenomenon enjoyed by thousands worldwide. Fans even spawned alternate versions like Squabble, Heardle, Dordle, and Quordle, each offering a unique twist to the classic gameplay.

Curious about the best starting word for Wordle? The ideal starting word is the one that resonates with you, but for strategic players, consider words with multiple vowels and common consonants like S, T, R, or N to expedite your quest for the correct solution.

Concerned about the disappearance of the Wordle archive? Unfortunately, it’s no longer accessible due to a request from the New York Times, which acquired Wordle as it gained immense popularity.

Feeling the challenge increase? Wordle’s difficulty remains consistent, but if you crave more complexity, try out Hard Mode for an added challenge.

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Encountering days with two different Wordle answers? This occasional deviation from the norm is a result of changes made by the New York Times, introducing its own word list.

As for today’s Wordle #914, here’s a subtle hint: “Not big.” The solution is a 5-letter word starting with the letter S.

Take your final guesses, and without further ado, the answer is… SMALL! If you didn’t crack it this time, no worries. Tomorrow brings a new Wordle, and we’ll be right here with fresh hints to guide you on your linguistic journey.

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