Graffiti Junktion Bids Farewell Iconic Florida Burger Bar Closes as New Ventures Emerge

In the dynamic landscape of Florida’s restaurant industry, where some establishments have thrived and expanded, others have not been as fortunate. Amidst this flux, a beloved local favorite, Graffiti Junktion, has announced the closure of its College Park location, marking the end of a significant era for the American Burger Bar.

Graffiti Junktion’s Decade-Long Journey

Located in Orlando and Jacksonville, Graffiti Junktion has been known for its hormone-free Angus burgers, nachos, wings, and wraps. Garnering a 4 out of 5 stars rating on TripAdvisor, the Orlando Thornton Park location has been described as a “dive bar type of place,” with many patrons particularly praising its fries. For ten years, this eatery has been a staple in the community, offering a unique blend of casual dining and lively atmosphere.

Closure Amidst Challenges

On March 23, 2023, the management declared that the College Park location would shut its doors permanently four days later. Greg Peters, the founder and president of Graffiti Junktion, cited dwindling revenue and staffing challenges as primary reasons for the closure. This development reflects broader trends in the restaurant industry, where many establishments struggle with similar issues.

Highly Sought-After Location

The Orlando Business Journal highlighted the strategic location of the restaurant, noting that the space is likely to be “highly sought after.” This anticipation underscores the potential and attractiveness of the area for new culinary ventures.

Future Plans: Mid Drive Dive

Despite the closure of Graffiti Junktion, the spirit of culinary innovation continues at the same location. The Orlando Sentinel reported in November 2023 that a new restaurant, Mid Drive Dive, is slated to open there in 2024. Promising a menu featuring comfort cuisine and blue plate specials, Mid Drive Dive aims to fill the void left by Graffiti Junktion with its unique offerings.

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The closure of Graffiti Junktion’s College Park location is indeed the end of an era for the local community and its loyal patrons. However, it also signals a new beginning with the upcoming opening of Mid Drive Dive. The restaurant industry, ever-evolving and competitive, continues to be a canvas for culinary creativity and business resilience. As one chapter closes with the departure of a beloved burger bar, another opens with the promise of new flavors and experiences at Mid Drive Dive.

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