Governor Greg Abbott issues new invasion declaration at the border

In the latest turn of events in the border crisis, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued a bold declaration, labeling the situation at the U.S./Mexico border as an ‘invasion.’ This comes amid a continued standoff over the use of razor wire along the border, an issue that has put the state of Texas at odds with the Biden administration and federal authorities.

Governor Abbott Declares ‘Invasion’ at Border Amid Razor Wire Standoff

Despite the Supreme Court’s recent decision allowing federal border patrol agents to remove the razor wire, new footage has emerged showing more wire being installed along a contested section of the border. The razor wire installation is part of Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, a security initiative aimed at strengthening Texas’s border defenses.

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The Biden administration has criticized the use of razor wire, arguing that it prevents border patrol agents from performing their duties effectively. However, Governor Abbott’s latest statement, declaring an invasion, indicates a firm stance on maintaining stringent border control measures. This escalation in rhetoric underscores the growing tensions and complexities in the ongoing debate over border security and immigration policies in the U.S.

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