Fulton County DA Fani Willis Defends Prosecutor Nathan Wade Amid Affair Allegations in Georgia Election Case

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has come forward to defend her team, particularly Nathan Wade, amid allegations of an affair that have cast a shadow over the Georgia election subversion case. Speaking at Atlanta’s Big Bethel A.M.E Church, Willis made her first public comments in response to the scrutiny her team is facing.

Defense of Nathan Wade

Willis highlighted the diversity and capability of her team, describing them as capable of accomplishing “extraordinary things.” She specifically addressed the qualifications of Nathan Wade, who has been implicated in allegations made by one of Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia election case. The allegations suggest that Willis improperly hired a romantic partner, Wade, to help prosecute the case and has financially benefitted from his appointment.

In her defense, Willis questioned the motives behind these accusations, pointing out Wade’s impeccable credentials. She emphasized that all three special counselors she appointed are “superstars,” and raised concerns about racial bias, questioning if the skepticism towards Wade’s qualifications is because he is a Black man.

Response to Allegations of Racial Bias

Addressing the notion that her arguments are based solely on race, Willis countered by questioning the intentions of those who believe she needs guidance from someone outside her jurisdiction. She highlighted her nearly thirty-year career in the field, underscoring her experience and competence.

Trump Co-defendant’s Allegations

The controversy stems from a court filing by attorneys for Trump co-defendant Michael Roman, who claimed Willis had a “clandestine” relationship with Wade. The filing, however, does not provide direct evidence of an improper relationship. The attorneys cited unnamed sources close to both Willis and Wade, alleging an ongoing personal relationship.

Willis’ and Wade’s Responses

Pallavi Bailey, a spokesperson for Willis, stated that their office would respond to Roman’s allegations through appropriate legal channels. CNN reached out to Wade for comment but received no immediate response. Willis has also been subpoenaed to appear for a deposition in Wade’s divorce case later this month.

Political and Legal Implications

The allegations have sparked a political firestorm, with Trump and his co-defendant arguing that Wade, Willis, and the entire district attorney’s office should be disqualified from the case. While the truth of the allegations could significantly impact the prosecution, several lawyers told CNN that even the appearance of a conflict of interest could potentially jeopardize Willis’ chances of securing a conviction before a jury.

Upcoming Hearing

The judge overseeing the Georgia election subversion case has announced plans to hold a hearing on these allegations in early February. This hearing could be crucial in determining the future course of the case and addressing the concerns raised about potential conflicts of interest.

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As the situation unfolds, the focus remains on the integrity of the legal process and the ability of Willis and her team to continue their work on the Georgia election subversion case without bias or conflict. The upcoming hearing in February is expected to bring more clarity to these allegations and their implications for the case.

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