FORECAST: Dry start to week after weekend washout

As the new week begins, residents can expect a dry start after a weekend characterized by rain and moisture. The forecast indicates a blend of cold mornings and milder afternoons, presenting a mixed bag of weather conditions. Let’s delve into the details of what the upcoming days have in store.

Mountain Snowfall Advisory

While most of the Charlotte area can anticipate dry and clear skies, the mountains are experiencing ongoing snowfall. A winter weather advisory is in effect for the high country, persisting until about noon tomorrow. Road conditions are expected to deteriorate as snow accumulates, creating potentially treacherous situations. Residents in the mountainous regions are urged to exercise caution.

For the broader Charlotte area, Monday promises a beautiful day with mild temperatures reaching the fifties. Despite the cold mornings, the afternoons are expected to be pleasant. A break from precipitation is anticipated, providing an opportunity to enjoy a dry and sunny start to the week.

As Tuesday approaches, a few more clouds are expected to grace the sky, heralding the arrival of another weather system later in the evening. This system may bring additional snowfall to the mountains and rain to the metro area. By Wednesday morning, wet conditions are likely, but the outlook suggests a drying trend later in the day.

While Monday and Tuesday are forecasted to remain rain-free, scattered showers are anticipated early on Wednesday. Conditions are expected to improve by Thursday and Friday, offering a respite from the wet weather. The weekend is predicted to be dry, providing an opportunity for residents to enjoy some clear skies.

Overnight temperatures are forecasted to be cold, requiring heavy coats for comfort. The upper thirties are expected tonight, with some mountainous areas dropping into the mid to upper twenties. Monday morning temperatures in Charlotte will hover around 40 degrees.

Monday’s forecast calls for bright and breezy conditions, with northwest winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. Despite the breeze, ample sunshine is expected to offset the coolness in the air. Residents are advised to wear heavy coats on Monday and Tuesday, especially as temperatures dip below freezing by Tuesday morning.

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In summary, the week ahead presents a mix of weather conditions, from mountain snowfall to dry and mild days in Charlotte. Residents should stay informed about the changing weather patterns, especially those in mountainous regions with ongoing advisories. As the week progresses, the forecast suggests a return to drier conditions and more comfortable temperatures, making it crucial to adapt wardrobes accordingly.

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