ExpressToll Expands: Pay Tolls in Three More States

Great news for ExpressToll customers! You can now use your transponder to pay tolls in three additional states. This expanded service aims to provide seamless travel and convenience for drivers across state lines.

ExpressToll transponders will be accepted in all 3 states allowing for hassle-free toll payments in these regions. This expansion is part of an ongoing effort to enhance interoperability and improve the driving experience for millions of users.

“We are excited to offer our customers the ability to use their ExpressToll transponders in multiple states,” said the spokesperson. “This expansion provides greater convenience and efficiency for drivers, making it easier to travel without the need for multiple toll accounts.”

ExpressToll Expands: Pay Tolls in Three More States

ExpressToll users can now enjoy uninterrupted travel across state lines, benefiting from the convenience of a single account and transponder. This move also simplifies the billing process, reducing the need for multiple statements and payments.

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The integration with other states’ toll systems underscores a commitment to improving infrastructure and user experience. Drivers can now focus on their journey without worrying about toll payments in different states.

For more information on the expanded coverage and how to use your ExpressToll transponder in these new areas, visit the ExpressToll website or contact customer service. Happy driving!

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