Decoding Chandler -Safety Dynamics in Varied Neighborhoods

Chandler, Arizona, is celebrated for its high quality of life, diverse cultural tapestry, and robust economy. Nevertheless, akin to any urban center, Chandler grapples with challenges, particularly in terms of crime and safety. The city’s neighborhoods present a diverse array, catering to different preferences, from trendy areas to more upscale locations and places favored by college students, alongside those facing particular challenges.

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Crime Rate Comparison
While Chandler maintains a crime rate below the national average, it surpasses the average for the state of Arizona. A closer examination of Chandler’s crime rates compared to other cities in the state reveals the following:

Decoding Chandler -Safety Dynamics in Varied Neighborhoods

The total crime rate in Chandler stands at 19.04 per 1,000 residents, below the national average of 24.47 and the state average of 24.89.

Chandler’s violent crime rate, at 1.89 per 1,000 residents, is lower than the national average of 4.89 and the state average of 3.09.

The property crime rate in Chandler is 17.15 per 1,000 residents, below the national average of 19.00 and the state average of 18.32.

Chandler ranks safer than 59% of other cities in Arizona but is only safer than 24% of all U.S. neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Exploration

New Horizons
Constructed by the City of Chandler in 2019, New Horizons, near the convergence of W Warner Rd and N 99th Ave, offers a blend of single-family houses, townhomes, and apartments. This community-centric area boasts parks, trails, playgrounds, and a community center, with an average home value of $325,506.

Situated close to W Elliot Rd and N Apollo Dr, Woodglen encompasses various home types, including houses, townhomes, condos, and mobile homes. Enriched with Native American and Welsh heritage, this neighborhood holds an average home value of $355,405.

Hoy Homes
Erected between 1970 and 1999, Hoy Homes, close to W Gary Dr and N Hackberry Dr, predominantly features single-family homes, with some mobile homes. While not often vacant, renting here may be costlier than in other parts of Chandler, with a typical home value of $325,506.

Silk Stocking
An older neighborhood constructed from 1940 to 1969, Silk Stocking, near W Warner Rd and N 99th Ave, primarily consists of houses, supplemented by townhomes and apartments. Notably, this area is home to many single mothers, with an average home value of $325,506.

Trails End Estates
Another vintage neighborhood built between 1940 and 1969, Trails End Estates, near W Elliot Rd and N Apache Trail, features mainly single-family homes, alongside townhomes and apartments. Characterized by a low vacancy rate and higher rental costs, this area holds a typical home value of $325,506.

Chandler strives diligently to enhance the lives of its residents and visitors. However, within the city’s mosaic, certain neighborhoods, such as New Horizons, Woodglen, Hoy Homes, Silk Stocking, and Trails End Estates, present lower home values, income levels, and elevated crime rates in comparison to other Chandler areas. Prospective residents and visitors are advised to exercise caution and consider these dynamics when exploring the diverse neighborhoods that Chandler offers.

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