Costly Impeachment: Texas Attorney General Trial Exceeds $4 Million

The recent impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has become the center of attention due to its reported cost, exceeding a staggering $4 million. This sum encompasses not only the impeachment proceedings in the Texas House but also the extensive investigations leading up to Paxton’s trial in the State Senate.

The Dallas Morning News prominently featured the financial toll, emphasizing the significant efforts of Houston attorney Rusty Hardin and his law firm, engaged by House Impeachment managers. The high-profile trial aimed to expose Paxton’s alleged wrongdoing.

House impeachment co-counsel Dick DeGuerin defended the substantial cost, arguing that every penny spent was crucial in unveiling Paxton’s transgressions. DeGuerin criticized Republican senators who voted against impeachment, accusing them of prioritizing self-preservation over justice.

In response, the Paxton campaign criticized the impeachment’s cost, claiming that House leaders spent millions of taxpayer dollars on fruitless special sessions. This controversy is expected to resonate in the political landscape, with analysts suggesting it could become a focal point in upcoming primaries, though cautioning against potential backlash for Paxton if mishandled.

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