Are we just coronating Trump?’: Gov. Sununu on why he’s betting on Nikki Haley

In a recent interview, former Governor Chris Christie shared his insights into the current political landscape, focusing on the performance of Nikki Haley in the upcoming elections. Let’s explore the key points from their discussion.

Nikki Haley’s Performance and the Importance of New Hampshire

Nikki Haley, a prominent Republican figure, is currently running in multiple events, including those in New Hampshire. Despite being popular in the state, recent tracking polls show her trailing Donald Trump by 19 points. The interviewer questioned Governor Christie about the significance of this performance, especially in New Hampshire.

Governor Christie emphasized the importance of New Hampshire as an early primary state but also noted that winning New Hampshire isn’t the sole determinant of success in the race. He highlighted that two months ago, no one expected Nikki Haley to win New Hampshire, and her focus should be on clearing the field rather than winning every state.

Governor Christie was asked about his recent statement indicating support for Donald Trump. He explained that he is a strong advocate for Nikki Haley but believes that Trump on the ticket could hurt Republican Senate races. However, he stressed the importance of supporting the party’s nominee and the need to focus on defeating Joe Biden.

Christie mentioned that the focus should be on achieving a strong mandate for the Republican Party and avoiding nail-biter elections. He highlighted the importance of voters’ participation to secure victories for Republican candidates.

The interviewer raised the possibility of supporting a third-party candidate if Trump were the nominee and Christie was not in favor of his candidacy. Christie expressed reservations about third-party candidates, citing the challenges they face in gaining traction and the tendency for voters to return to the two major parties when faced with critical elections.

While Christie acknowledged that third-party candidates could be viable, he emphasized that he hadn’t seriously considered this option and stressed the need for a charismatic and nationally recognized figure for it to be a viable choice.

Governor Christie reiterated his concerns about the national debt, emphasizing the importance of fiscal discipline in the country. He pointed out the need for addressing the growing debt, which affects future generations.

Governor Christie identified several key towns in New Hampshire to watch for in the upcoming elections. These towns include Salem, Manchester, Hampton, Wolfeboro, and Conway. He suggested that Nikki Haley could perform well in these areas, especially Manchester, where he expected strong support.

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In conclusion, the interview with Governor Chris Christie provided insights into the evolving political landscape, the significance of New Hampshire in the primaries, and the potential challenges posed by supporting third-party candidates. Christie’s focus remains on supporting Nikki Haley while advocating for fiscal discipline and addressing the national debt. The outcome of the upcoming elections will determine the future direction of the Republican Party and its candidates.

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