Analyzing Safety: The 10 Most Dangerous Places in New Hampshire

In a recent analysis conducted by the Movoto Real Estate Blog, New Hampshire emerged as the safest state in the nation. With low murder rates and relatively few instances of violent and property crimes, the state stands out for its commitment to safety. However, even in this serene environment, certain areas exhibit higher crime rates. Utilizing data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, Movoto identified the 10 most dangerous places in New Hampshire based on crimes per capita.

1. City of Somersworth
Somersworth takes the top spot on the list, with crime rates that surpass the state average. While New Hampshire is generally safe, Somersworth faces challenges that place it at the forefront of this analysis.

2. City of Laconia
Laconia, despite its picturesque landscapes, exhibits higher crime rates compared to other areas in the state. The community grapples with safety concerns that position it as one of the more dangerous places in New Hampshire.

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3. Town of Conway
Conway, known for its natural beauty, faces crime challenges that contribute to its placement on this list. Despite its allure, residents and visitors should remain vigilant in this town.

4. City of Manchester
As the largest city in New Hampshire, Manchester contends with urban complexities, leading to higher crime rates. While it offers various amenities, residents need to be mindful of safety concerns.

5. City of Claremont
Claremont, situated in Sullivan County, faces crime challenges that warrant its inclusion in the top 10 most dangerous places in the state. Vigilance and community awareness are crucial here.

6. City of Rochester
Rochester, despite its charming small-town atmosphere, grapples with a higher crime rate compared to other parts of New Hampshire. The community must work towards addressing safety concerns.

10 Most Dangerous Places

7. City of Keene
Keene, with its vibrant cultural scene, also faces safety challenges that contribute to its placement on this list. Residents and local authorities should collaborate to ensure a safer community.

8. City of Lebanon
Lebanon, while offering a mix of urban and rural living, experiences crime rates that necessitate attention. Enhancing community policing and engagement can contribute to increased safety.

9. City of Concord
As the state capital, Concord deals with urban complexities that impact its crime rates. Residents should stay informed and actively participate in community safety initiatives.

10. Town of Hooksett
Despite being a town, Hooksett faces challenges that position it among the more dangerous places in New Hampshire. Community efforts and awareness are crucial to address safety concerns.

It’s important to note that this analysis relied on careful methodologies, utilizing the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report to calculate crimes per capita. Rather than relying on speculation, this approach ensures a data-driven assessment of safety in each area. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for residents and authorities alike as they work towards creating safer communities in the beautiful state of New Hampshire.

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