5th friend speaks after 3 Kansas City Chiefs fans found dead

The tragic discovery of three bodies in the backyard of a Northland home in Kansas City has led to a complex and evolving investigation, with new details and inconsistencies emerging. The situation has left families of the victims frustrated and seeking answers.

Key Developments in the Investigation

  • Initial Discovery: Three Kansas City Chiefs fans were found dead in the backyard of a home in Northland. This shocking discovery initiated an investigation to uncover the circumstances surrounding their deaths.
  • The Fifth Person’s Account: There was a fifth person present at the home on the night of the incident. This individual, whose identity and relationship to the victims are not clear from the report, has provided crucial information regarding the events of that night.
  • Contradictory Statements: The attorney for the fifth person, Andrew Towns, stated that his client left the home just after midnight, and at that time, all four men (including the three deceased) were still alive and watching TV. This account contradicts earlier statements made by Jordan Willis’s attorney, who initially claimed that the fifth person was still there when the men died but later altered his statement.
  • Communication Discrepancies: There are also inconsistencies regarding communications following the incident. The fifth man reportedly received texts from Clayton McGee’s fiancée and Ricky Johnson’s mother inquiring about their whereabouts, which he claims to have responded to without receiving any reply. However, there’s a discrepancy in whether these were text messages or Facebook messages.
  • Lack of Clarity: The families of the victims, particularly Clayton McGee’s uncle, expressed frustration and disappointment at the lack of clear information about what transpired that night. They are urging those involved to come forward with the truth.
  • Police Investigation: The Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) has been in contact with the fifth person but has not yet completed an interview with him. The medical examiner is still determining the cause of death, which adds to the uncertainty surrounding the case.
  • Family’s Plea for Answers: The families of the deceased are desperate for answers and have expressed dissatisfaction with the communication from the police since the incident.

This case is marked by a tangled web of accounts and unanswered questions. The involvement of a fifth person, who seems to have been one of the last to see the victims alive, adds a critical dimension to the investigation. The conflicting statements and communication issues further complicate the understanding of what truly happened on that fateful night.

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For the families of the victims, the wait for answers continues to be a harrowing experience. Their call for clarity and truth underscores the importance of a thorough and transparent investigation by the authorities. The Kansas City community, especially the families and friends of the deceased, remains in a state of grief and uncertainty as they await definitive answers from the ongoing investigation.

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