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Archery inspires Butcher to persevere

Cameron Stewart

February 20, 2020

Senior Lauren Butcher strives to exemplify the two traits that archery i focuses on: precision and patients.. Butcher began her archery journey in the wake of a serious accident to expedite her recovery.  “I broke my ba...

Bowers adds lacrosse to athletic resume

Emmalee Haag

February 20, 2020

Straying from the commonplace in the world of high school sports, junior softball player Caitlin Bowers spends her off-season participating on Lee’s Summit North High School’s lacrosse team. Because lacrosse is not popular...

Cybersecurity career within reach for Metz

Cameron Stewart

February 6, 2020

Taking advantage of one of the many excellent programs offered at Summit Tech, senior Will Metz has begun his career prep in a major way. “Cybersecurity is a thriving industry, with more and more of the world going digital,...

Volun-teen Popp gains valuable experience

Cameron Stewart

December 5, 2019

For the past several years, senior Bethany Popp has had a backstage pass to the KC zoo. As a zoo volun-teen, Popp has spent her time differently than so many of her peers, putting hours into cleaning the cages of exotic a...

Wildcat artists make their mark

Cameron Stewart

November 15, 2019

Regardless of whether their focus is on brightening up common spaces or preparing to continue their artistic journey beyond high school, creativity is alive and well among BSHS’s talented artists. Art teacher Jessica Taul recruited senior Et...

Twice in a life time experience

September 20, 2018

By Rese Collins While most people have traveled a few miles or maybe even a few states away from home,  Anker Rhyl has traveled 4,616 miles from his home in Copenhagen, Denmark to be a foreign exchange student at BSHS. This is ...

Going for Experience

September 20, 2018

By Justin Baer The country of Lebanon, is place of beauty and mystery. Junior Dany Abi Hadir, a Lebanaon native, left its beautiful skyline with mountains on all sides, embarked on a tiring 28 hour flight , and is attending BSHS fo...

Culiat focuses on true American living experience

September 14, 2018

By Marissa Green “I want to try new things, (to) try to live a real American life.” -Zelia Culiat, AFS Student Throughout time, immigrants have come to America in search of the highly romanticized idea of the “American Dream.” O...

Craig eagerly awaits education exchange to Germany

May 18, 2018

By Samara Bhatti “I'm really excited just to get out into the world and experience a culture that I've only read and heard about." --Freshman Jadyn Craig on her upcoming exchange experience Many BSHS students are fam...

Beauties, beasts partied until the last rose petal fell

April 26, 2018

By Caitlin Ham "It was such an honor to be crowned prom queen, and it’s definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life.” --Senior Maisy Kurucz Ball gowns, tuxedos, flowers, slow dancing...all of this was in ful...

Walsh claims area six historian spot

March 30, 2017

By Michaela Fielding “Sierra had to interview with 21 high school students from the Area 6 FFA association. There are 21 schools in the area and each school can send one voting delegate, which determines who is on the Area 6 O...

Expecting success?

December 8, 2016

By J. Metje “If we do succeed, then the sky's the limit." - senior Katelin Danaher This summer, seniors Katelin Danaher and Taylor Williams accomplished something few in the world can say they did. Competitors at the...

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