Microbiology organizes, presents career museum

“It was really cool to see my friends and classmates do something and have them talk about it. They are so passionate about the career.” -Sophomore Remy Turpin

Rese Collins

On May 1st, Jessica Popescu’s sixth hour microbiology class hosted a Micro Career Museum. Many HOSA students attended in order to earn points toward their grade. Students prepared presentations on a career of their choice and showed how it was related to microbiology.

Sophomore Ben Seppo composed his project on genetic engineering.

“I chose this career because it interested me and me and my friends in the class wanted to do something together. We all did something with genetics,” Seppo said.

Students followed several requirements and had a strict regimen to abide by when making the project.

“We had to get information on the job itself and then relate it back to microbiology and why that job needs microbiology,” Seppo said. “We had to research everyday for two weeks with a journal that would be checked, and then we had a week and a half to put it all together in our own way, posters, powerpoints, whatever you wanted to do,” Seppo said.

The projects were as varied as the students who presented them.

“Some students had a hard time relating it back to micro and some went the extra mile and contacted people in that field. The hardest part I would have to say would be presenting it since a lot of people were watching you,” Seppo said.

While most museums are quiet, the Micro Museum was not. Sophomore Remy Turpin initially attended in order to score the HOSA points but ultimately found the presentations “cool” and “worth it.”

“It was a lot of fun and it was pretty loud, but I did learn a lot about different jobs,” Trupin said.

“It’s pretty hard to choose which project was my favorite but I guess I could say the one about marine biology,” he added.

The Micro Museum brought together a lot of students, and students became the teachers for a change.

“It was really cool to see my friends and classmates do something and have them talk about it and they are so passionate about the career that they had chosen,” Trupin said.