Drama presents student directed one acts

“There’s a lot of wacky stuff that happens.” Kaitlyn Williams, senior director

Kayla Melissinas

The drama department remained in full swing when casting for the spring One Acts. The One Acts, student directed 20 to 30 minute shows, will be performed on April 17-18 in the Drama Den. Drama teacher Lisa Lowman gave the directors ideas on how to improve their shows leading into their performances.

“I give them some tips or hints of what I think needs to be improved. I kind of get everything organized, but really they handle the majority of it,” Lowman said.

The student directors choose their own shows. Senior Kaitlyn Williams chose a short piece titled “Angie,” in which an actress auditions for a part in “Annie” and doesn’t get it, which leads to a whole host of problems.

“She fights the director, and then she ends up in juvy, and then a billionaire comes and he’s going to adopt one of the people because it’s like ‘Annie’, but they’re not orphans they’re just in juvy,” Williams said. “There’s a lot of wacky stuff that happens,” she added.

Williams has directed before; however, she has a lot more responsibility and will have a much larger audience in the One Acts. Her play is one that was condensed down from a much larger theatrical piece.

“I had to cut it down to 35 minutes. I had to get rid of a lot of dialogue and rearrange stuff,” Williams said. “I had to block it so I had to have all the movement written down I had to make a prop list, a set list, costume list, and a lighting list. All the bases had to be covered before auditioned happened,” she added.

With a limited number of people willing to audition, the directors had to get creative with casting.

“I had to cut out a lot of characters because not enough people auditioned. We got our most important people first. Like, we need this person for this very important role, or like, this person can do this accent, so we need them to play this character. After that, we narrowed it down closer to who we needed,” Williams said.

Tickets for the One Acts can be purchased from Lowman for three dollars for one night or five dollars for both nights.