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Glitter Girls steal show at Nationals

“This group has put the love of dance and coaching back to the purest place in my heart. For that, I am forever grateful to them." - Erin Brown, head coach

February 28, 2019

With their return from nationals, the Glitter Girls brought back proud smiles, pompoms and one big trophy for the case. Putting BSHS on the map for their excellent performance in Orlando, the GGs gave the judges an electrifying performance and placed ninth in the Game Day category.

Head coach Erin Brown was appreciative of the girls’ commitment and determination throughout the season; she, too, was proud to see them own the stage with passion and grit.

“They absolutely lit up the stage. It was the best I have ever seen them dance, and it showed to the judges as well when they took home ninth in the nation out of the 26 teams,” Brown said.

While she is proud of their placement, Brown most admired the GGs’ outstanding season-long effort to perfect their routine over several months.

Seeing how hard they work when I ask them to and how much they sacrifice to reach their goals really makes me work harder to give them every tool they need to do it,” Brown said.

Many members used the GGs as an outlet for stress and anxiety. Senior Ashlynn Blatt let dance rehearsals relieve her mind of demanding school work and drama.

“I have learned to relieve stress by dancing. High school comes with a lot of stress, but dancing was an escape from reality, and I could have some stress-free fun when I step into the dance room,” Blatt said. “Dancing for the Glitter Girls was definitely a highlight of my high school career,” she added.

As their season came to a close, the GGs left the locker room with lifelong memories and friendships. However, senior Chloe Bailey also took away the importance of putting time toward what she is most passionate about.

“Being a Glitter Girl these past four years has made high school so much better. (I made) memories I will never forget with people I’ll never forget,” senior Chloe Bailey said. “It taught me how to be a better teammate and put my all into something and see the outcome,” Bailey added.

Brown, who recently finished her eighth year at BSHS, was pleased to end the season with a strong finish.

“This group has put the love of dance and coaching back to the purest place in my heart. For that, I am forever grateful to them,” Brown said.

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