DECA dominates district event

Kayla Melissinas

Business teachers Chris Van Camp and Kelly Fowler sponsor DECA, a co-curricular activity related to marketing classes. Many marketing students participate in DECA, and their class curriculum helps them do so.

“DECA is an association of marketing students. It is a section or part of the marketing program, so when students take a marketing class, part of being involved in that class is participating, joining, and becoming a member of DECA,” Van Camp said.

DECA takes trips to many places around the country, and they compete with other schools in the area.

“There are several different events that you can compete in; for instance, I compete in human resource. You take a test and you do these (presentations) based on various marketing concepts like definitions and scenarios to tell you what may be happening in that moment,” senior Hayley Prins said.

Recently, DECA students traveled just up the road to Independence Center, where they competed in their district event. Prins noted that this competition was a think-on-your-feet type of scenario.

“You go sit down with the judge after looking at a role play for 10 minutes and you fill the shoes of someone in your profession. I’m also presenting a business plan which is going to be interesting and fun,” Prins said.

Overall, 69 students participated in the DECA District competition at the Mall. So far, we have 42 students have qualified for the State DECA Competition at Crown Center March 24-26.

In December, advanced marketing classes and DECA students went to New York and got not only marketing experiences, but cultural ones as well. 

“We went to Macy’s, we also went to see the Empire state building, we got to see the Rockets, we got to see Aladdin on Broadway, and we got to be a part of exclusive tours. It was really a cool time and we got to see one of the most advanced marketing arenas in the country honestly in the heart of New York City,” Prins said.

Junior Morgan Hamadi reasons for being involved in DECA have evolved over the years.

“When I started I joined for the travel but I like it more and more for the competition aspects. Competitions are really fun and you met a lot of cool people, and you learn from a lot of business directors,” Hamadi said.

Hamadi competes in teams with her friend, so that ups the enjoyment factor for her.

“My favorite part of competition is I’m partners with my friend Taylor, so we always get to hang out and brainstorm and we get a lot of really good ideas going so it’s kind of more for fun. There is a fun aspect of competition and you just get to explore more with your creative mind set when your in competition,” Hamadi said.

Students who are not in a marketing class can join DECA as a social member.

“If you are in a marketing class you can join DECA as a full member and you can do things at competitions and trips. What we like to say is ‘DECA is what you put into it,’ which can be helping charities like MDA or it could be to travel,” Hamadi said.