The making of a snow day

December 6, 2018

Snow days are some of the most exciting days of the year for students. They rank especially with seniors, right along graduation and Senior Skip Day. Students have already enjoyed two snow days for the 2018-2019 school year, both in late November. District administrators do not take making these decision lightly.

“Safety is always going to be the number one priority,” BSHS Head Principal Tom Alderman said. “Safety of our students and safety of our staff.”

The committee is made up of administrators and higher ranking central office staff confers over the possibility of snow days. This committee includes the superintendent, assistant superintendent, head of transportation, and superintendents from neighboring towns. Superintendents from neighboring towns are involved in the decision making, because BSHS vo-tech students are enrolled in schools dictated by Fort Osage and Lee’s Summit.  

Alderman, as a first-year Head Principal, recollected having many snow days in the past because of ice storms, snow, and loss of power.

“The largest amount of snow days I’ve seen was in 2000 or 1999, but rather than snow, it was ice,” Alderman said, “And neighboring towns were out for over a week, not even necessarily because of snow, but because of the loss of power. I can’t remember exactly how long Blue Springs was out, but it was several consecutive days.”

As for staff, snow days are sometimes a less exciting day. The pressure is on when it comes to fitting the curriculum into the remaining time frame.

“I’m going to guess-hope-no more snow days,” Alderman said.

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