Food truck dishes out lunchtime fare

“It'll be lead by student input so hopefully we'll be able to start sending out surveys and doing somethings to see what you guys overall would want to see in the food truck. There is a time restraint because we can only sell during wildcat hour so it has to be something mass produce in that short period of time.” -Lisa Talken, cooking instructor

November 8, 2018

The Dish, BSSD’s new district food truck,  came to BSHS October 24th during Wildcat Hour selling cake pops, walking tacos, water and pumpkin cake. Offering foods prepared by Culinary I and II students, it will return on November 16th, and they will be selling french fries, hot dogs, and will finish selling cake pops.

Customer junior Kevin Bonilla enjoyed the convenience and variety that was offered.

“It looked good and I wanted a pumpkin cake,” Bonilla said

While many played a part in getting the food truck going, the initial idea started at Central Office.

“The food truck was the districts idea to kind of revamp nutritional services so not only the high school will get to use it but the elementary schools are going to get to use it so they hired a chef so its used around the whole district,” cooking instructor Lisa Talken said.

Images by Kayla Melissinas

The food truck is student lead, while Talken oversees and makes sure things run smoothly.

“I’m here to teach them how to do it, especially if that’s what they want to do in the future. Because the food truck industry is getting huge, they have to know how much effort is actually put into doing this,” Talken said.

They prepped cooking quickly for their debut in the courtyard.

“We prepare what we can ahead of time; it’s called ‘mise en place’ so its a French term which means to get everything in its place which helps you become more efficient,” Talken said.

The menu will change throughout time with the help of students district-wide.




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