Cats, Jags ROTC come together for Fun Run

“There is always some fun people to run with who like to share their stories,” junior Blake Coyner said.

Samantha Johnson

Junior ROTC students from both BSHS and BSSHS high schools have been prepping for the First Responders Run at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 10. The cadets plan to take on the charitable 5k and 1-mile Fun Run with pride and give back to the community. Hero Fund USA will put its donations toward local first responders, EMS workers, firemen and policemen in Blue Springs.

“Hero Fund gives (these departments) money for equipment that maybe their budgets can’t handle, or to help a first responder who might have been injured in the line of duty and can’t support their family,” lieutenant colonel Richard Yule said.

Because many might shy away from the longer distance of a 5k, ROTC decided it would be best to hold a 1-mile Fun Run as well. Yule explained that holding both runs will enlarge the number of participants.

“Well, we realize that a 5k won’t maximize our participation. When you tell someone that 5k is three miles, it kind of scares them away, so we throw in the fun run for a shorter route and to achieve maximum participation and donation,” Yule said.

Students participating will meet many local veterans running for Hero Fund, and even gain a few friends along the way.

“There is always some fun people to run with who like to share their stories. There are some veterans that enjoy participating, which is awesome. Just getting to know them and making new friends is great,” junior Blake Coyner said.

Outside of meeting veterans, Junior Braxton Wabnum noted that she learns more about the BSSHS cadets.

“I really enjoy getting to know people I didn’t. We come together with (the) South (JROTC program), and we get to know lots of their students. We create some great bonds and friendships,” Wabnum said.

Coyner looks forward to participating and giving back to the community as well as his family.

“Just knowing that you’re running for a purpose; it’s not just some ordinary Saturday jog. You will be helping a cause, and that’s very important to me because I have tons of veterans in my family,” said.

Yule elaborated on why he loves to watch his cadets participate and expand the JROTC program.

“Giving up their personal time to help out Hero Fund and the city is so important to me. We love to help out the community. It helps several different organizations, and it also puts our program on the map,” Yule said.