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Summing it up with FACS

“(I enjoy) even just a classic like making cookies and being able to share them to all the different departments he joy of food and sharing just really brings people together.It's fun to share with someone what you make and see them light up and get excited," FACS teacher Lisa Talken

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By Rese Collins

Two new faces, those of Brooke Kendall and Lisa Talken,  have graced the 300 hallway. FACS teachers Kendall and Talken started working at BSHS this year with classrooms right next to each other. Before they became a BSHS Wildcats, Kendall worked at Paul Kinder Middle School and Talken worked at Christian Academy.

Moving schools is just as difficult for teachers as it is for students. Talken noted that other staff members have made the adjustment period easier.

“I like the community here. Everyone I work for and work with are very helpful and it is a very welcoming and helpful place,” said Talken

Former Paul Kinder Grizzlies may remember Kendall as their child development and fashion teacher. Having some of her former students has made the transition easier for Kendall.

“(I’m) really glad that I’m at the high school because I get to see my old kids. It was great teaching middle school kids because they still think you’re so cool. They are going through so much and it was a blessing to be with them every step of the way emotionally and educationally, but it’s weird seeing you guys have car keys and talk about jobs and paying bills,” Kendall said.

Kendall also really loves being a high school teacher.

“I wanted to come to high school because it more of intro to adulthood. I’ve enjoyed it every single day I have laughed so much. I have always wanted to be a high school teacher though I didn’t know I was going to be a FACS teacher,” Kendall said.

Kendall isn’t only a teacher; she’s also a coach for the girls volleyball team

“I am assistant head varsity under Coach Straka. I love working with my older girls at the varsity level. I liked introducing the girls to volleyball but high school is more fun,” said Kendall.

Kendall has definitely made an influence on BSHS students like senior Tysha Taylor.

“Honestly there is never really been a boring moment in her class just because even when we are taking notes we still turn it into discussion time so we can learn more things that we need to know,” Taylor said.

Not only is Taylor learning about how to raise a child, but she is also learning what kind of parent she wants to be herself.

“When we were learning about assertive parents and permissive parents, those gave me a lot of knowledge of what kid of parent I want to be. I plan on using all the information that she gives us for my future kids,” Taylor said

Talken has also made a positive impression on her students, such as juniors Morgan Hamadi and Nicole Denham.

“She’s super sweet. She’s a good teacher–she’s perfect,” Denham said.  “(Her class is) always fun–never a dull moment. She’s my favorite teacher. I love her,” Hamadi added.

Hamadi and Denham had plenty of compliments for Talken.

“She knows how to teach. She will get it into your brain but she is never mean about it. She’s never been rude or harsh to anyone,” Denham said. “She’s more of a friend.  She’s a friendly teacher and someone that you’d want to get close with,” Hamadi added.

Talken has been hoping to get into the district for several years now.

“I actually started interviewing at BSHS in maybe 2011 so it’s taken me quite a few years to get here,” she said.

Talken is from a family of educators.

“My mom was a teacher, so is my cousin and his wife, both of his parents, and my other three aunts.I had a lot of teachers in my family so I decided that I wasn’t going to be a teacher. I graduated out of high school and got my business degree and then halfway through that I was like, well maybe I should have listened a little bit more,” she said.

After finishing her business degree, Talken worked for two years in the business world and during that time got her teaching degree. She seems to be enjoying the little things that come with her job.

“(I enjoy) even just a classic like making cookies and being able to share them to all the different departments he joy of food and sharing just really brings people together.It’s fun to share with someone what you make and see them light up and get excited,” Talken said.

All in all, it seems to have been an easy adjustment to BSHS for Talken and Kendall.

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