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Admin moves: Weatherspoon to FC; McCubbin to BSHS

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By Abigail Starr

“There are so many events that are unique to this campus: the spirit of the athletic competitions, the involvement of clubs and organization in student life–the list could be endless. It is amazing that a school so large can operate as a family,” Assistant Principal Damon Weatherspoon

Next fall, Wildcat Assistant Principal Damon Weatherspoon’s will fill a new role as the Associate Principal at the Freshman Center, and Paul Kinder Middle School Assistant Principal Wes McCubbin will move into the Wildcat family. The move is exciting for everyone, even students who will miss Weatherspoon.

“He is truly my best friend. He is so open and listens so well. The freshman are so so lucky to get him this fall. I think his ideas coming from the high school will really help freshman who are scared,” senior Elizabeth Liggett said.

While he is sad to go, Weatherspoon is very excited to approach this new position with a “positive attitude and learning mind.”

The new role will entail additional responsibilities, and that should initiate growth in itself. I have experience as a middle school assistant principal as well, and that should come in handy at the FC,” Weatherspoon said.

With the support of his fellow administrators, Weatherspoon didn’t hesitate to accept a new adventure. Knowing his upcoming career at the Freshman Center will be different than Blue Springs, there will be a lot to miss.

“Maybe I should say I will miss working with my wife, who is a counselor at BSHS, otherwise I may get in trouble. There are so many events that are unique to this campus, but all around Blue Springs is a great place. Having a chance to meet all of the students at the Freshman Center will allow me to embrace both high schools,” Weatherspoon said.

McCubbin will be joining the Wildcat administration team this fall. He looks forward to learning from the team that holds an “incredible reputation as educators and leaders.”

“I will miss Paul Kinder’s outstanding staff but am eager to face the new challenges and experiences BSHS will provide me with,” McCubbin said.

After being offered the position on February 21st, McCubbin accepted immediately, honored to have been deemed suitable to fill the role.

“I am most looking forward to working with students and families at BSHS. It will be awesome to see former Paul Kinder students and catch up on how they’ve grown since eighth grade,” McCubbin said.

The willingness to embrace new challenges on the part of both Weatherspoon and McCubbin should make the transition fairly seamless.

“I know Mr. McCubbin will do a great leading Blue Springs High to success in all aspects and I can’t wait to bump into old friends, coworkers, and students in the coming years,” Weatherspoon said.

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Admin moves: Weatherspoon to FC; McCubbin to BSHS