In addition to grades, NHS values service over self

by Emma Hibdon

“Getting to do community service just really puts an impact on the community and yourself,” – senior Madison Lavelle on service in NHS

National Honor Society (NHS), a national organization that serves to recognize outstanding students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, is alive and well at BSHS. It benefits not only its members, but others in the Blue Springs community as well.

“One of the things that we focus on with NHS is students doing 20 hours of community service your senior year,” NHS sponsor and psychology teacher Jen Minnis said.

There are still requirements to join.

“Our particular school only allows seniors with GPAs of 3.5 or higher to join,” Minnis added.

NHS members enjoy multiple opportunities to serve the community.

“Being a member of NHS is a great opportunity to serve your community and your school and it’s just a lot of fun,” senior Ashley Popp said.

The organization offers a variety of service activities for students to participate in.

“We provide as many opportunities as we can for kids to read to senior citizens or work a blood drive or work with the homeless shelter to make clothes collections,” Minnis said.

Frequent chances to serve allow members to leave a mark on the community as well.

“As an officer, I have been able to help out with and run both of the blood drives and getting to do community service just really puts an impact on the community and yourself because you realize a lot of things you didn’t before,” senior Madison Lavelle said.

NHS acts as a launching point for students in future college and career endeavors.

“When you’re applying for scholarships it’s really important to be able to set yourself apart; no matter where you’re going in the country NHS looks good,” Minnis said. “It’s definitely something that only a small percentage of kids around the world get to be a part of, so it does set you apart and can help you get scholarships and application status approved.”