Teachers awarded classroom grants

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by Emma Hibdon

“The students are very excited to get the calculators in their hands and learn all of the cool stuff that can be done with them,” – teacher Ryan Luethje on new calculators

A handful of BSHS teachers and faculty recently applied for and received grants through the school district for their classrooms; the grants ranged from $1,390 to $3,810.

“The grants are funded through the Education Foundation that is set up by the Blue Springs School District and is financed through donations and contributions from families, teachers, community members, and local businesses,” algebra teacher Ryan Luethje said.

These grants are intended to enhance student learning inside the classroom.

“My grant in particular is for new updated calculators so that way I have programs that my students can use in the classroom to make math easier for them,” algebra and geometry teacher Jessica Sanders said.

Teachers feel that students will be able to learn better with newer technology to use.

“The students are very excited to get the calculators in their hands and learn all of the cool stuff that can be done with them,” Luethje said.

The process to apply for a grant is time consuming, but easier than some would think.

“There’s a blank application on the school district website and you fill it in with what the money would be used for, how it would affect the students, and how much it’s actually going to cost them,” Sanders said

In addition to classrooms, the school library also received a grant.

“I got a grant for literature circles. It’s to establish a collection in the library of high interest books that students like where we have four or five copies of the same title so in English classes students can do book clubs and literature circles with books they choose to read,” librarian Sadie Birdsell said.

Birdsell noted that access to new and interesting books will greatly benefit BSHS students.

“A lot of students would like to have more of a choice in what they get to read because everyone has different tastes and different genres that they like and it will also let students read books that are more appropriate to their reading level and help them grow in that way too,” Birdsell said

The sum of the grants recently given amounts to $17,838 and will contribute to the learning environment at BSHS through new calculators, books, art supplies and school events.