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Major update on new Wildcat dance group

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By Jayla Sample

“I wanted to do something that helps people get out of their comfort zone, to try something new and fresh that the school never had before,” Yazmine Clay on why she got involved with the team

BSHS students teamed together to create a new and improved majorette dance club. Sponsored by counselor Erica Millay, the club held tryouts for students interested in learning different dances, meeting new people, and committing their time to after school practice on October 2nd-October 6th.

Junior Jae Randle and sophomores Yazzie Clay and Shayla Goodwin are heading up the club. All three are committed to working hard and inspiring their teammates to do the same in order to make the club last.

“The main thing that really inspired me to be a student coach and start this was feeling the lack of diversity and confidence for girls who some may say they aren’t as good or can’t financially participate in our star activities like Glitter Girls or Color Guard. But being a student coach is a little challenging because of course I’ll give my respect, but the big thing is being respected back,” Randle said.

Randle noted that her plans for this new club is to build a team of students who may feel like they are dissimilar to other students in different activities to make them feel equal in confidence and talent. Millay said this club was formed to encourage involvement and positivity in BSHS.

“The students who have come to me and students that I’ve seen have proved to me that they are really passionate about bringing this back and working to make it a legacy to continue for quite sometime. I really believe that good will come out,” Millay said.

With the students ready to bring back a new and improved majorette team, Millay believes that they will be able to come together and achieve their team goals. She is hopeful that this will help with other students to show off their talents and learn different styles of dances.

“I wanted to do something that helps people get out of their comfort zone, to try something new and fresh that the school never had before,” Clay said.

Clay understands that everybody may not have the confidence to performance in front of peers, but she feels as if she can turn things around and make them feel like they are able to show up and show out.

“We plan on performing at future basketball games for girls and boys during halftime for home games, football games, and assemblies during the school year and future school years. We also plan on having a different dance for each performance unless we perform multiple times in a week,” Clay said.

All three coaches have big plans for their new team that they hope to accomplish with the help of their sponsor and their student manager Kevin Mcalester.

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Major update on new Wildcat dance group